Gal Litvak


A political board game created together with fellow designer and friend - Amir Gurfinkel. The game deals with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and in it players participate in a fictional peace negotiation.

The "Conflict" board with it's pieces

In this simplistic simulation each player represents an opposing side. The aim is for players to find a balance between common objectives and their own private interests so as to enable them to sign a peace treaty.

Engaging with a decades long conflict in a fresh way

Movies have been made about it, books have been written, media constantly covers it… it feel’s like the story of this bloody conflict has been presented in every possible way. Those who have been following it and those who live it tend to be heavily fortified within their preexisting views. We wanted to approach this subject in a novel way that would invite even those with preexisting notions to examine them and open up to new aspects of this conflict they might have previously been blind to of simply dismissed. A board game was a great medium to realize those aspirations through, as it has the power to immerse players within a hypothetical narrative and roll like few other mediums do. We found that turning this subject into an engaging game offered participants the opportunity to learn about the subject, open up to new views and have empathy towards groups they might have previously viewed with animosity.