Gal Litvak

New burial

A speculative project to examine the way we deal with death and grief in Western society. The project includes three proposals in line of a more holistic approach to burying our loved ones.

Do people know they will die? It really doesn't seem that way for most of us. Death is so efficiently hidden. At times there seems to be a systematic efford to wipe out any traces of it. How does death reflect on this infinitly rich experience of being alive and what is rubber from life when we pretend death is nothing more than a theoretical, intelectual notion?

In the first proposition out of three a body is placed in a concealed dome together with bacteria, fungus, plants and insects. What was once a living person becomes an entire cyclical system of life - a self sustaining process of deceasing and becoming, repeating indefinitely. In such a way, death is realized as part of an inteconnected cycle of life rather than simply an end to it.